Course Staff of 2018

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Running IOOPM has always been a team effort. Nevertheless,
different people play different roles. On this page, we list the
people involved in running the course in 2018.

1 Head Teacher: Tobias Wrigstad


2 Head Teaching Assistant: Gustaf Borgström


3 TAs

  • Akram Adinda
  • Alexander Troshin
  • Alexis Remmers
  • Ardalan Samimi
  • Benjamin Ek
  • Elwira Johansson
  • Erik Rimskog
  • Jonas Norlinder
  • Joy van den Eijkhof
  • Linnea Ingmar
  • Michael Rehn
  • Sanna Kurdahl

4 DONE Teams and Coaches

Team Coach
1 Alexander Troshin
2 Alexis Remmers
3 Ardalan Samimi
4 Benjamin Ek
5 Elwira Johansson
6 Erik Rimskog
7 Joy van den Eijkhof
8 Linnea Ingmar
9 Michael Rehn
10 Sanna Kurdahl
11 Gustaf Borgström

5 Getting in Touch

Talk to us during lectures and labs
See the schedule for details.
Use Piazza
For questions that are not sensitive, consdier asking a public question (Entire Class) rather than a private question (Individual Student(s) / Instructor(s)). Most questions are of interest to many students, and often, many other students chip in to try and untangle some issue, which is good for everyone.
Come by our offices
Tobias is not in most Tuesdays, but otherwise he should be around unless he is not lecturing or labbing on IOOPM.
Send us an email
This should be the last resort, really. Please use your student email so that we have an easier time knowing who we are talking to.
NEVER call or text
Really, don’t do that!

5.1 How do I ask a public question on Piazza?

  1. Start by searching the Piazza site using the search dialogue at top left. If the question has already been answered, you’re done. If the answer is not quite what you’re looking for, use the “follow up discussions” below the existing question to create a follow up.
  2. If the above is not successful, use the search feature on this page (check the menu).
  3. If the above is not successful, time to use Piazza! Create a new question by pressing the “New Post” button at top right. You should post to “Entire class” unless there is a strong reason to make your question private. You may make your post anonymous, but only do so if you are particularly uncomfortable revealing your identity.

5.2 How do I ask a private question on Piazza?

Follow the steps above for a public question, but select “Individual Student(s) / Instructor(s)”, rather than “Entire class”. Type the name of the person you want to contact. Tutors names are listed here.

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